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Nation Times is an online news & information publisher, covering News of 6 states and 200 districts, has online readership of over one lakh user per month. Head office Located in Lucknow. Nation Times is No.1 online Hindi News both as per Circulation & Readership. Nation Times is one of the top Hindi news Channel in Lucknow and known as best source of Hindi news in India. Nation Times is one of the largest Hindi news Channel groups of India . Nation Times has earned a reputation as the leading online Hindi news of India that provides news and information to its readers by focusing on crime news, politics news, business news, education news, Bollywood news, interview and opinion of expert people in their domain. As being a Reputed Media Company In India, Nation Times provide latest news from all around the world to our readers. Nation Times offers latest news in Hindi with useful content. Nation Times is creating awareness and truth by its news to society.